Transparency/Finance/District Documents

The Santa Ynez Community Services (SYCSD) is responsible for sewer collections and street lights.  The SYCSD also does contract operations for wastewater treatment and collection and recycled water.  

Mission Statement- The District is to respond to the needs of its citizens and represent them as a group, at local and regional levels in solving local problems affecting the common good

Board of Directors Meeting Information

The Santa Ynez Community Services District (SYCSD) Board of Directors holds its regular meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at 1070 Faraday St. Special meetings may be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Annual Budget  

The goal each year is to balance the budget while prioritizing the many needs of the District

Fiscal Year 2020/2021

Fiscal Year 2019/2020

Fiscal Year 2018/2019

Fiscal Year 2017/2018

Fiscal Year 2016/2017

Financial Audits

Financial Audit ending 06/30/2019 & 06/30/2020

Financial Audit ending 06/30/2018 & 06/30/2019

Financial Audit for period ending 06/30/2017 & 06/30/2016

Financial audit for period ending 6/30/2015 & 2014

Compensation-Staff Board Members

The Santa Ynez Community Services District provides detailed salary and benefit information each year to the California State Controller’s Office to be complied into a report with other special districts. This information provides our customers the ability to compare our salary information with other comparable public agencies. Please visit the State Controller’s Government Compensation website to view compensation information for Santa Ynez Community Services District and all special districts and cities in California. District pay schedule

Financial Policy

The Board of Directors adopted a financial reserve policy

Brown Act Compliance Policy

Public Records Request

Californians have a right under the state Public Records Act (Government Code §6250 et seq.) and the California Constitution (Article I) to access public information maintained by government agencies. Click here to download A POCKET GUIDETO THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RECORDS ACT: Policy; Request form

Employee Personnel Guidelines

The Board of Directors adopted employee personnel guidelines, Operator’s Unit and Administration Unit.  

Board Bylaws

The Board of Directors adopted a Board Policy. For Board compensation go to page 24-26  

Districts Make a Difference - 

California special districts are much more than local service providers. These local agencies are directly accountable to their residents and they are passionate about providing high-quality services and resources in the most efficient and effective manner. Find out more about the impact special districts are having and how they benefit the millions of Californians that use their services

CSDA - Districts make a difference information and brochure and website

Elections - Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County Elections

4440-A Calle Real
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: (805) 568-2200
Fax: (805) 568-2209

For information on elections and voting click here

District Authorizing Statue

Resolution 71-773

District Map/Sphere of Influence and MSR

District Sphere of Influence Map

California Special District (CSDA) Mapping Project

CSDA Mapping Program

SB 272 Enterprise System Catalog

In 2015, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 272 (SB272) as part of the Public Records Act. (New Government Code 6270.5) SB 272 requires all local government agencies (except scholl districts) to create a catalog of enterprise systems that are used by the agency. For more information regarding SB 272. Districts Enterprise System Catalog.

Reimbursements for Board Members and Employees

Fiscal Year 2016/2017

Fiscal Year 2017/2018

Fiscal Year 2018/2019

Fiscal Year 2019/2020